Saturday, 24 November 2007

Malbet Park

Dr Karen Traill (Chair of our Parent Council) and I met with local councillors and residents from our neighbouring Malbet Park Estate on Friday. Concerns had been raised by residents about the nuisance caused by noise and litter by some members of the community at various times of the day. At the meeting I made the point that complaints about litter and noise from school pupils has been raised in each of the schools (Urban,rural, state and private) that I had previously worked at. As part of its 'Responsible Citizens' programme Liberton High School is committed to ensuring that all of our pupils are made aware of their responsibilities towards others whether it is in transit betweeen school and home or during weekends or evenings. Ideas suggested to tackle concerns raised include:

  • Pupils joining the Neighbourhood Watch scheme
  • Litter pickups as part of our developing eco-education programme
  • Further restricting access to the estate at certain times of the day
  • Assemblies to publicise expectations of pupils

It is intended to consult further with neighbours, parents and pupils before decisions are made on which particular strategies to implement.

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