Thursday, 11 September 2008


I am delighted to note that attendance rates and punctuality have been much improved since we resumed this term. In addition to an increased focus across the entire school on the importance of perfect attendance we also restructured our tutor groups when we resumed after the summer. After some resistance from pupils this change appears to have gone down well. It is really encouraging to see older pupils looking after our younger charges. In some instances I have witnessed younger pupils showing senior pupils what our standards should be!

I received an email yesterday from Iain Hutchison (PT Guidance) to tell me that we are currently processing 53 university applications for S6 pupils. This compares rather favourably with the 8 we were processing at the same stage in 2004. Well done to pupils parents and staff, who working together, have shown what can be achieved if we all raise our expectations!


OllieBray said...

Well Done Donald and all the staff at Liberton high School. Yours school continues to go from strength to strength!

Dj Macdonald said...

Thanks Ollie. There are some very clear indicators that we are making very real progress as a school. Attainment, however, is always going to be our 'bottom line' as long as HMIe place such emphasis on it. Across the school we are seeing many youngsters 'go for gold' in so many other areas too!