Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Other learning logs

When the kids are safely (and quietly!) tucked away in bed, and I've done my homework for the following day, I enjoy having a look round some of the other Learning Logs in the education world. Don Ledingham's is a really interesting and thought provoking log. So also is the Learning Log by Mark Walker, a school Principal from Australia. I really liked the material on 'Walkthroughs' - the name speaks for itself. I'm going to take some of his points on board and try them out in my own school in the next few weeks. Here is a sample clip (wait a few moments for loading) about 'Walkthroughs' in secondary schools.

I see no reason why 'walkthroughs' can not become an integral part of our school's self-evaluation process. Why should 'walkthroughs' be restricted to senior staff? Why not encourage all staff to get involved; particularly in the dialogue with colleagues about what we've seen? Watch this space!

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Mark Walker said...

Thanks Donald for the reference on walk throughs. I'd be interested in swapping feedback stories and tools. I have been on a working party all year that is looking at an instructional model for teachers in Victoria which I will use with teachers on walkthroughs once we have worked it through with them. If you want some information on the instructional model let me know.

Thanks again and I liked reading some of your posts.